There’s no workaround for connecting a Nintendo Switch Lite to a TV.

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The Nintendo Switch Lite hit stores Friday along with The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and we already knew it couldn’t be docked out of the box. However, a teardown revealed that you can’t even do so with a workaround. YouTuber Spawn Wave pulled the revised portable console apart and found that it lacks the hardware needed to connect to any sort of TV or monitor.

“It appears that the hardware that is needed does not exist on the board,” he noted in his comparison between motherboards of the regular Switch and Switch Lite.

Basically, video doesn’t “flow” through the console’s bottom USB-C port (where you connect controllers and chargers) like it does the normal Switch, according to the video.

The teardown also revealed that the Switch Lite’s analog sticks the same as those found in the original model’s Joy-Cons, which could mean that it’ll suffer from the same “drifting” issue in the future.

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The only reason to get a Switch Lite


Nintendo didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Were you hoping for a workaround that’d let you dock your Switch Lite like the regular model? Or did you buy it purely as a portable system? Let us know in the comments.

First published at 6:47 a.m. PT.
Updated at 7:05 a.m. PT: Adds more detail.


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