Storm recovery in the South is progressing after two winter storms produced icy conditions, record snowfall and record cold for several days from Texas to Tennessee.

Since the weekend, roads have been back open and power has been restored to almost everyone in the storms’ paths.

Freight volumes have been rebounding in some areas hit by the storms. While improving volumes don’t tell the whole story, they’re a sign that markets are moving in the right direction.


The latest FreightWaves SONAR data, updated Monday, shows the national Outbound Tender Volume Index (OTVI) dropping dramatically during the storms (Feb. 14-17), then increasing once roads opened and more power was restored. These trends can also be seen in the Dallas, Houston, Memphis and Little Rock markets. OTVI is a measure of shippers’ requests for capacity, meaning they’re offering more loads for carriers to pick up in these markets.

With no winter weather in sight for the South this week, volume in other areas will hopefully improve.

Other weather this week

Look for more moderate to heavy snowfall Tuesday across the interior Northeast, with lake-effect snow showers lingering Wednesday and possibly Thursday. This could impact drivers on portions of I-81 and I-90, particularly in western New York.

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Additional periods of heavy snowfall will hit the Cascades and northern Rockies Tuesday, then again Thursday and Friday. A few feet could pile up in some high elevations. Meanwhile, heavy rainfall could cause localized flooding in some lower elevations.

Winds will pose a high risk of rollovers Tuesday from central Montana to the Dakotas, as well as southeastern Wyoming. Gusts will reach 50 to 70 mph in these areas, affecting travel on I-90 and I-94.

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