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Amazon and B&H Photo now have the best price on the brand-new 10.2-inch iPad — $299. It’s far from the lowest price we’ve seen; that was Target’s $230 Cyber Monday deal. But the current $30 discount is likely to be the best we can get expect from hereon out — and it’s a decent deal on an Apple product that’s been on store shelves for not quite 90 days. 

Otherwise, the best Cyber Monday holdovers involve the iPad Pro. Best Buy is offering a $150 discount on every version of the 11-inch model and up to $200 off higher-capacity 12.9-inch models. At the moment, the 64GB 11-inch iPad Pro costs $650 and the 12.9-inch 64GB model costs $850 — and we’ve got all of the links below.

The discounts on the newer iPad Mini and iPad Air remain negligible. We’d recommend waiting for the next round of deals to come through before buying either one of them. And the discontinued 9.7-inch iPad seems to have now disappeared almost entirely. 

Note that we’re focused on the Wi-Fi versions of the iPad here. Using LTE on a tablet is cool but, for most people, not worth the additional cost — for the device and the monthly service — especially when you can easily tether your phone for free. 

Apple iPad discounts, compared

Model List price Best price (current) Best price (all-time)
iPad 2019 (32GB) $329 $299 $230
iPad 2019 (128GB) $429 $379 $329
iPad Mini 2019 (64GB) $399 $384 $359
iPad Air 2019 (64GB) $499 $469 $449
iPad Pro 11 (64GB) $799 $650 $649
iPad Pro 12.9 (64GB) $999 $850 $850
iPad Pro 12.9 (256GB) $1,149 $950 $950

Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

The smallest model in the current iPad lineup comes with the smallest discount. You can find the iPad Mini at most retailers for $384 — that’s $15 off the Apple Store list price.

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Originally published earlier this year. Regularly updated to reflect new prices.


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