NOAA-NWS-ALERTS-AK125D1CA99968.SpecialWeatherStatement.125D1CA9D270AK.AFCSPSAER.64f0cb3513efa56b475a81260a434da5 2019-11-22T04:54:00-09:00 Actual Alert Public Alert for Western Prince William Sound (Alaska) Issued by the National Weather Service Met Special Weather Statement Expected Minor Observed SAME SPS 2019-11-22T04:02:00-09:00 2019-11-22T06:00:00-09:00 NWS Anchorage (Southern Alaska – Anchorage) Special Weather Statement issued November 22 at 4:54AM AKST by NWS Anchorage The heavy rainfall for the Seward area has tapered off into showers. There may be some occasionally heavy rainfall in these showers today, but the majority of the rain occurred Thursday evening. WMOHEADER UGC AKZ125 VTEC TIME…MOT…LOC

Western Prince William Sound FIPS6 002020 FIPS6 002122 FIPS6 002261 UGC AKZ125


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