NOAA-NWS-ALERTS-AK125F5EB67C70.SpecialWeatherStatement.125F5ED1F090AK.AFCSPSAER.cf256a8a7c7174c4fa3c80629b6f61f4 2020-08-20T13:08:00-08:00 Actual Alert Public Alert for Copper River Basin (Alaska) Issued by the National Weather Service Met Special Weather Statement Expected Minor Observed SAME SPS 2020-08-20T13:08:00-08:00 2020-08-21T17:00:00-08:00 NWS Anchorage (Southern Alaska – Anchorage) Special Weather Statement issued August 20 at 1:08PM AKDT by NWS Anchorage …TAZLINA GLACIER DAMMED LAKE (GDL) RELEASING… Tazlina Glacier Dammed Lake (GDL) is releasing causing water level rises on Tazlina Lake and the Tazlina River (TAZA2). Debris such as large trees may move down the Tazlina and Copper Rivers. Individuals on or near the river should beware of possible debris mobilized at and downstream of Tazlina confluence with the Copper River. Expected Impacts: Rapid rises in water levels are possible on the Tazlina River below Tazlina Lake including the area around the Richardson Highway Bridge. All persons with interests near the river should monitor the water levels and debris flows on the Tazlina and Copper Rivers over the next several days and watch for information updates. Comments: Pilot reports water level drop at Tazlina GDL while Nelchina GDL remains full. This statement may be updated if more information becomes available. WMOHEADER UGC AKZ141 VTEC TIME…MOT…LOC

Copper River Basin FIPS6 002170 FIPS6 002261 UGC AKZ141


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