I Cant Answer For Everyone
by: Hervy

You used the word ‘Just’.

They requires knowing intent.

I am sure there are truckers who do this. Have talked to them.

Have also talked to them that said that is how they met someone who they ended up having a relationship with.

Same as with taking a number feom waitress, etc. Its possible that it could be just to have someone to talk to late nights.

Problem is thats not a good idea for most people. They lack the ability to set boundaries.

So if there is a woman who is actually plotting or want more than that (to talk and keep him company, lol right) its not hard for them to seduce the average man who would actually take the number for that person in the first place.

(In my opnion)

Think about it. What quality woman would waste their time in the middle of the nights just to keep him company?

Answer one the following: Low self esteem, plotting for money, needy, gold digger, lonely, gullable, manipulative…

(In my opinion)

So the woman could be easy prey or a a clever predator.



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