NOAA-NWS-ALERTS-FL125D0F7C6DC4.RipCurrentStatement.125D0F8A9980FL.MLBCFWMLB.522a8621789e241c86eb20042ceb25b8 2019-09-01T03:13:00-04:00 Actual Alert Public Alert for Coastal Volusia; Indian River; Martin; Northern Brevard County; Southern Brevard County; St. Lucie (Florida) Issued by the National Weather Service Met Rip Current Statement Expected Moderate Likely SAME 2019-09-01T08:00:00-04:00 2019-09-01T20:00:00-04:00 NWS Melbourne (East Central Florida) Rip Current Statement issued September 01 at 3:13AM EDT until September 01 at 8:00PM EDT by NWS Melbourne …Large Swells from Major Hurricane Dorian Entering the Area… …HIGH RIP CURRENT RISK IN EFFECT FROM 8 AM EDT THIS MORNING THROUGH THIS EVENING… …HIGH SURF ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 10 AM THIS MORNING TO 8 AM EDT WEDNESDAY… The National Weather Service in Melbourne has issued a High Surf Advisory, which is in effect from 10 AM this morning to 8 AM EDT Wednesday. A High Rip Current Risk has also been issued. This High Rip Current Risk is in effect from 8 AM EDT this morning through this evening. * WAVES AND SURF…Breaking waves of 5 to 7 feet will occur within the surf zone. * TIMING…Swells will build in height all day. * IMPACTS…Noticeably large breaking waves will make entering the water hazardous. Strong Rip Currents will also be present within the surf zone. A High Surf Advisory means that high surf will affect beaches in the advisory area…producing localized beach erosion at high tide along with very dangerous swimming conditions. There is a high risk of rip currents. Rip currents are powerful channels of water flowing quickly away from shore, which occur most often at low spots or breaks in the sandbar and in the vicinity of structures such as jetties and piers. If you must enter the water, heed the advice of lifeguards…beach patrol flags and signs. If caught in a rip current, relax and float. Don`t swim against the current. If able, swim in a direction following the shoreline. If unable to escape, face the shore and call or wave for help. WMOHEADER UGC FLZ047-054-059-064-141-147 VTEC /O.NEW.KMLB.SU.Y.0002.190901T1400Z-190904T1200Z/ /O.NEW.KMLB.RP.S.0016.190901T1200Z-190902T0000Z/ TIME…MOT…LOC

Coastal Volusia; Indian River; Martin; Northern Brevard County; Southern Brevard County; St. Lucie FIPS6 012009 FIPS6 012061 FIPS6 012085 FIPS6 012111 FIPS6 012127 UGC FLZ047 UGC FLZ054 UGC FLZ059 UGC FLZ064 UGC FLZ141 UGC FLZ147


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