Activbody describes the Activ5 as “a tiny gym in your pocket.” It’s a fist-sized strength-training device that comes in form of a puck. It measures compressive force when you press the two sides together with some part of your body, such as the palm of your hands, or your hand and thigh, or even by pressing down with your foot. It’s designed to be used in short workouts throughout the day, and it’s pocket-sized so you can use it anywhere. Usually $140, you can get Activ5 for $109 right now on Amazon, no code or coupon required.

The Activ5 pairs with your phone and reacts to the hundred or so workouts you can choose in categories like Office & Travel, Full Body, Upper Body, Lower Body and Core. You can do an entire workout — it ranges from about four to seven minutes, depending on the one you choose — or just jump into specific exercises, each of which is generally about 30 seconds long.

Actually performing exercises is fun and easy. The app tells you exactly what you need to do and shows you some photos to eliminate any ambiguity. A typical exercise might include holding the puck between your hands while extending your arms straight out in front of you, alternately pressing your hands together and resting, based on a follow-the-bouncing-ball style visual. You’re not just testing your ability to exert your muscles, but to do it precisely so the virtual ball stays on a specific course, with just the right amount of power.

Does this really deliver a meaningful workout? I am neither a doctor nor a physical trainer, but the Activ5 really does induce an invigorating burn when I power through a five-minute workout, and it does give me the impression that I am doing some meaningful weight-training without needing weights. I will be adding a couple of sessions per day to my high-tech home workout that already includes 20 minutes using the virtual reality Supernatural app and 20 minutes on the elliptical. 

If you want to try it out for yourself, you might want to grab it soon, since I don’t know how long this deal will last. 

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