An Iranian oil tanker wanted by the U.S. that authorities thought was heading toward Greece is not scheduled to dock in the country, Greece’s prime minister said.

Reuters reported that the supertanker Adrian Darya, formerly dubbed Grace 1, left Gibraltar after the Trump administration’s efforts to have the ship held at port failed over the weekend and is now traveling in the Mediterranean.


Ship tracking data reportedly showed the tanker headed to the Greek city of Kalamata, but Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis reportedly told a French news station on Thursday that the ship would not dock in Greece.

“The ship is not heading towards Greece. We have not received a request for it to dock in a Greek port,” Mitsotakis said.

U.S. officials want the tanker seized, as the Trump administration believes it is aiding Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, which the U.S. deemed a terrorist organization in April.

British authorities previously ordered it seized in July, leading to the ship being held in Gibraltar over suspicion that the ship was carrying oil to Syrian government forces, which are internationally sanctioned. The ship was released on Sunday.


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