Donald Trump intensifies his fight with Congress over the Democrats’ impeachment investigation, as the administration blocks a US diplomat from testifying about Ukraine. AP Washington Bureau Chief Julie Pace analyzes the day’s developments. (Oct. 8) AP, AP

Former Vice President Joe Biden, for the first time, called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment. 

Speaking in Manchester, N.H., Biden said, “Donald Trump has violated his oath of office, betrayed the nation, and committed impeachable acts.” 

“To preserve our Constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity, he should be impeached,” Biden added. 

“The United States cannot afford to have a president who will abuse whatever power available to them to get re-elected,” Biden said, slamming Trump’s pressuring of the Ukrainian government to open an investigation into Biden and his son Hunter Biden. 

Trump has accused Biden’s son of “corruption” relating to his board seat on a Ukrainian gas company, though Ukrainian prosecutors have said Hunter Biden did not do violate any laws. 

In his speech today, Biden said there was “no truth in [Trump’s] charges against me and my son. Zero.” 

Previously, Biden had hedged his comments about Trump despite the launching of an impeachment inquiry into Trump over his pressuring of the

“If the president does not comply with such a request of the Congress, if he continues to obstruct Congress, and flaunt the law,” Biden had said on Sept. 24, “Donald Trump will leave Congress, in my view, no choice but to initiate impeachment.”

Shortly after Biden made his remarks, Trump tweeted in response and posted a campaign ad about Bide. 

“So pathetic to see Sleepy Joe Biden, who with his son, Hunter, and to the detriment of the American Taxpayer, has ripped off at least two countries for millions of dollars, calling for my impeachment – and I did nothing wrong,” Trump wrote. 

Contributing: Aamer Madhani 

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