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We begin — we have a busy news night tonight a FOX News alert. The 
president set to speak any moment at another massive rally tonight in 
Minnesota. We’ll dip in throughout the hour. We must get a lot of other 
news in as well. When the president talks about last night, you will hear 

But first, debate one is now officially in the history books. We’re going 
to unpack this but in a way that the mob and the media never will. 

Last night, we witnessed a real contest, real debate break out. Now, it was 
raw, it was contentious, it was combative. It also does reflect the very 
moment that we are all living in as a country, America is extremely 
divided. And as we speak, there is a fight for the soul of this great 

Now, this fight is very real and that real fight bubbled over onto the 
debate stage last night. In a moment, as promised, we’re going to fact-
check Biden’s numerous lies, something the corrupt media mob will never do. 
He lied a lot last night.

Before we do that, let me address the media mob, Democrats, Hollywood 
elites that are just so upset so bothered by thecontentious nature of the 
debate. Excuse me, I know you have the vapors, excuse me. Oh, please spare 

Spare us your phony indignations. Spare us theselective feigned phony 
outrage because ever since Donald Trump descended that escalator at Trump 
Tower with his wife Melania, of you holier-than-thou idiots have been 
waging non-stop, the most disgusting, deceitful, dishonest smear campaign 
we’ve ever seen in American history. And on a daily basis, you have all 
been unloading all of your vile and bile for that matter, repulsive, 
unprecedented attacks on this president, his family, his supporters and the 
people that voted for him.

You have lied to us for years. You have dragged this country through hell, 
with your Russia conspiracy theory lies and a hoax, and it’s all been a lie 
the whole time. Innocent people’s lives have beenruined and as a result, 
all of this is now disproven. 

None of you have apologized. I see no corrections from the media mob, 
because they don’t care, because they’re not honest people. They repeatedly 
compare Trump to Hitler. They say he’s clinically insane. They accuse him 
of plotting a second civil war.

Every lie, all the smears, besmirchment, character assassination, libel, 
conspiracy theories and that’s just the tip of theiceberg. 

Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  He said today, America first. Itwas not just the 
racial — I mean, I shouldn’t say racial, the Hitlerian background to it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Is this president trying toimpersonate Hugo Chavez?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  He is clearly trying to ignite acivil war in this 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Trump needs to be medicated and hospitalized at this 
point or he is going to just kill all of us.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  We have a treasonous president.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  What do you call someone who says clearly racist 
things? This morning, the answer is Mr. President.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  As I’m watching this, I’mthinking, you know, Fidel 
Castro, Julius Caesar, Mobutu Sese Seko. That wasnot an American president 
giving an acceptance speech.


HANNITY:  Now, that’s just the media mob andhonestly we could play that 
all show long.

Now, their colleagues in the Democratic socialist extreme party, they’ve 
been even worse. Take a look.


enemies to our voting system and our honoring our Constitution are right at 
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in theCongress of the United 

REP. MAXINE WATERS (D-CA):  You see anybody from that cabinet in a 
restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get up and 
you create word.

ERIC HOLDER, FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL:  When they go low, we kick them.

BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT:  I’ll put Mr. Burgess up against Sean 
Hannity. He’ll tear him up.


HANNITY:  And don’t forget every two years, every four years, Republicans 
are racist, sexist, misogynists, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic. They 
want dirty air and water. Grandma, grandpa eat dog food and cat food before 
Donald Trump or Paul Ryan lookalike take your grandma in a wheelchair and 
throw her over a cliff.

Ad let’s not forget our moral superior — superior, well, folks out in 
Hollywood, those hypocrites. And here’s how they have exemplified their 
civility over the past four years. They’re the ones so outraged, so oh, the 
vapors. We can’t take the contentious debate that took place last night. 
They’re all full of it. 

Take a look.


MADONNA, SINGER:  Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the 
White House.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  When was the last time anactor assassinated a 
president. I want to clarify, I’m not an actor. I lie for aliving. 
However, it’s been a while and maybe it’s time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  How dare he say the things he does. Of course I want to 
punch him in the face.


HANNITY:  It’s been over four years. You know what? And that’s just the tip 
of the iceberg.

By the way, viewer warning, about to show you anextremely disturbing — 
remember the picture Kathy Griffith, she’s holding abloody, realistic 
looking severed head depicting President Trump.

And, by the way, there are people who now want us to believe that they are 
very upset, they’re worried about the tone of — andthe tenor of last 
night’s debate, and this can’t happen in America, they’re telling us. 
They’re going to lecture us about the debate. They’re asking and demanding 
for you to be civil and polite to them. They would be class A liars and 

This is not real outrage. None of it is real. And forthe record, you know, 
to one extent or another, this is how they treated Mitt Romney and John 
McCain and George W. Bush. This is who they are. This defines them.

They do this every two and four years. The millions of Americans who voted 
for Donald Trump, guess what, they’re kind of done with the niceties. They 
decorum that never existed anyway, and they’re done playing the game 
because they see through this game now. They know the swamp for who they 

And for the left, civility — well, they define it as you surrendering to 
their ambition for power. For them, civility is all about electing that guy 
— weak, frail, a cognitively compromised candidate who will rubber stamp 
court stacking and packing, and ending thelegislative filibuster and 
ripping apart our great Constitution. 

To them, civility is about surrendering your rights toa 50-year swamp 
creature whose only accomplishment is using his power in the swamp to 
enrich his family members to the tune of millions and millions of dollars 
with Russian oligarchs and Ukrainian oligarchs andKazakh oligarchs and oh, 
Chinese sponsored shopping sprees and China nationals and Russian nationals 
and Ukraine nationals. Yeah, that’s what he’s done for 50 years for his 

To them, civility is about you having amnesia surrounding the various lies 
that they’ve been peddling, the conspiracy theories they manufactured, the 
hell that they’ve dragged this country through forfour years. That’s how 
they define civility.

Civility to them is about rewarding the people who attempted a coup on a 
duly elected president.

Now, later, we’re going to have the details — speaking of which James 
Comey’s new testimony from earlier today. He now says he never would have 
signed the three FISA warrants knowing what he knows today. On everything 
else, he has full, complete amnesia.

Now, for the hate Trump left, truth, facts, logic, one standard applied to 
both parties doesn’t exist. None of it matters. They have lack civility, 
basic decency for years. But when they get a dose of it all back to them, 
all of a sudden, guess what, they want to know where civility all of a 
sudden. Oh, OK.

Democrats, media mob, Hollywood — same names, different day — please 
spare us your phony outrage over the tone andtenor of a presidential 
debate. We know what civility looks like to the left. We’ve watched you for 
the last four years.

Yeah, guilty, President Trump fights back hard. He’s guilty as charged. 
Trump the fighter, he doesn’t have patience for liars or smear merchants or 
conspiracy theorists, those that have dragged his family through hell, the 
country through hell those that want to pressure this country into 
socialism that will destroy the very principles that made America the 
greatest richest country on the face of the Earth that has used its power 
to advance the human condition and that would include Joe Biden which 
brings us by the way to an important “Hannity” fact check that the mob and 
the media will never do, and that is the many Biden lies and deceptions 
from last night’s debate.

First, let’s listen to what Joe had to say about his New Green Deal, his 
party socialist New Green Deal. Take a listen.


Green New Deal?


WALLACE:  Do you support —  

BIDEN:  No, I don’t support the Green New Deal.

TRUMP:  Oh, you don’t? Oh, well, that’s a big statement.


TRUMP:  That means (INAUDIBLE) the radical left 

BIDEN:  I support the Biden plan that I put forward.


BIDEN:  The Biden plan, which is different than what he calls the radical 
Green New Deal.

WALLACE:  All right.


HANNITY:  Oh, the Biden plan, we came up with anew name. 

Well, did he just say he doesn’t support the Green New Deal? Because he’s 

Look at Joe’s own website. It says, quote: Biden believes the Green New 
Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we faced. 
Biden also lied when he tried to deny the existence of his socialist 
minders in the Democratic Party. He announced, Iam the Democratic Party. 

Well, tell that to the Biden and Sanders unity task force that literally 
created Biden’s entire economic agenda and he even plagiarized parts of 
that. It’s actually 110 real pages that you can read and its product 
includes proposals that were taken right from Bolshevik Bernie word for 
word, and the Bernie Sanders campaign.

It says in there, it calls for the confiscation redistribution of money, 
something called environmental justice. It calls forgovernment-paid family 
leave, government-paid medical leave, broad student loan forgiveness, 
universal, government-run health care, amnesty for11 million illegal 
immigrants, free health care for illegal immigrants. Itwill prevent ICE 
from deporting even criminal illegal immigrants when they get out of jail.

And, by the way, it will also eliminate jail — bail rather — just like 
they have in New York. It hasn’t worked out well in New York.

And President Trump named it the Bernie-Biden manifesto. But today, Bernie 
— I’m sorry, Biden struggled to remember much of anything about his own 
radical plan that he agreed to. Take a look.


BIDEN:  I’ve worked very hard with all segments of the party. We put 
together a platform that is a platform that I fully support. The president 
keeps talking about what’s he called this — he has some name for our 
platform. I can’t remember what it is. 

It’s — the manifesto, thank you. The manifesto. 

Well, the Democratic platform is the one that Isigned unto, the one that 
the vast majority, overwhelming majority of Democrats sign unto.


HANNITY:  Oh, OK, so Biden’s socialist platform written by Bolshevik Bernie 
himself. And, of course, he appointed, let’s see, socialist Ocasio-Cortez 
to run his climate policy, you know, the person that, well, brought us the 
New Green Deal.

He called Beto O’Rourke his gun czar, and he picked the most radical U.S. 
senator as his VP’s choice.

Biden isn’t the Democratic Party. Joe Biden, to be honest, is totally 
controlled by the radical socialist in his base, but he knows that’s not 
going to appeal to — well, let’s say middle of theroad voters, and he 
tried to make that clear, very clear last night. He’s racing to the center. 
But the left knows that they own him. 

Joe’s lies don’t stop there. He actually called Antifa an idea and not an 

OK, Joe, sell that to all those, you know, businesses that were burned to 
the ground. Sell that to the police officers that had their heads bashed in 
or that were hit with Molotov cocktails or bricks, or, let’s see, frozen 
water bottles or canes or hockey sticks or knives or got shot. You just 
can’t believe your lying eyes apparently. 

And, by the way, the White House, they just labeled Antifa a terrorist 
organization, and also labeled the KKK a terrorist organization. But during 
the debate, Biden lied again and he suggested that the president refuses to 
condemn white supremacy.

Well, we have the videotape to prove he lied there also. We’ll play that 
later in the show. In fact, we’ll play a montage of thedozens of times 
that President Trump has forcefully condemned white supremacists, that’s 
coming up. 

But, first, more Biden lies into the whopper about his commitment to law 
and order, was that supposed to be a joke? Because during the debate, when 
pressed, he couldn’t name a single law enforcement agency that actually 
supports him. And that’s because Biden says police become the enemy — yes, 
he said it, even openly talked about redirecting funds away from police. 

And let’s not forget as I pointed out earlier, according to the Bernie-
Biden manifesto, he also wants to eliminate cash bail which has been 
another disaster where ever it’s been tried. 

And, of course, Biden also lied about his zero experience son Hunter, you 
know, the one that had no experience in oil, gas, energy or Ukraine, that 
got millions and millions of dollars. And, by the way, he said his son 
never accepted a multimillion dollars wire transfer from the former first 
lady of Moscow, that’s a lie. 

Look at the new Senate report that came out. Itshows in fact he did 
receive those funds. And Biden said his son’s work with Burisma was totally 
proper and legitimate, even though several Obama era State Department 
officials raised real serious alarm and concern as early as 2015. 

And that U.S. Senate report, all 87 pages, confirmed that Hunter Biden’s 
business dealings created a counterintelligence andextortion concern for 
this country. Maybe the worst lie of all — well, thewhole debate probably 
surrounds Biden’s laughable revisionist history surrounding coronavirus. 

Believe it or not, Biden acted like he was always in favor of the travel 
ban to and from China that saved countless American lives. In reality, he 
did call it hysterical, xenophobia, and fearmongering as late as the 18th 
of March — a little late, Joe. 

And Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats along with the mob, they will say 
and do anything for power. And all this outrage — Ican’t believe what is 
happening to our country, that the babe washorrible, they yelled at each 
other, oh, it got loud, or they were talking over each other — OK, well, 
that’s kind of for the country is right now, unfortunately. I wish it was 
better, I wish it wasn’t so, but that’s what elections are about. 

When Joe flat out refuses to answer this question about whether he would 
support destroying the judicial branch of government with an illicit scheme 
called court packing, well, I think we can all fill in theblanks. He says, 
we need an election, let’s hear from the people. Meaning, if you elect me, 
of course, I’ll do whatever they tell me to do on theleft. 

The left in this country and their supporters, they no longer care about 
the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, three coequal branches of government, 
checks and balances. They don’t care about our great American system. They 
only care about power and hating Donald Trump. 

And in 34 short days, the only way to end themadness is to show up at the 
polls like the future of this country depends on itbecause it does. 

We’re going to dip in to the Trump rally as soon as he starts talking about 
last night’s debate.

But, first, here with reaction, FOX News contributor Dan Bongino, Trump 
2020 director of press communications, Erin Perrine is with us, and FOX 
News contributor Katie Pavlich.

Erin, I’ll start with you tonight. 

Did they forget was this like selective amnesia or how they treated the 
president, his family, the country, what they put us through the last four 

clear that the media has an extreme bias and that they’re in bed with the 
Biden campaign. You saw it with the clip you played earlier of Joe Biden 
where a member of the media helps him remember the Bernie Biden communist 
manifesto that he put forward and you see it all thetime. 

You saw it with Chris Wallace last night as well where you see that the 
media time and again tries to provide air cover forJoe Biden. And it 

I mean, you see the heads exploding at CNN andMSNBC all the time. If they 
were actually fair and they actually had any journalistic integrity, they 
would talk about the great things that this presidentdoes. You would see 
them cover the fact that he made the KKK a terrorist organization, but 
instead, they played politics because Donald Trump doesn’t play by their 

He doesn’t have to. He fights for the American people. He’s a businessman. 
He signs the front of paychecks. He creates jobs andhe has success as 
president of the United States. It bothers them that he doesn’t care what 
they think.

HANNITY:  You know, Katie, America knew what they were getting in Donald 
Trump in 2016. 

They knew he was not a creature of the swamp. They knew he was an 
iconoclast. They knew he was a disrupter. They knew he was a fighter and 
they knew he wouldn’t back down.

Now, the question is, are they going to buy this feigned, phony selective 
outrage or do you think he gets reelected? How do you see it going down?

KATIE PAVLICH, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR:  Well, Ithink his re-election chances 
should not be downplayed especially if he was in —  


HANNITY:  Katie, I don’t mean to interrupt you so quick. Stay right there, 
we’re going to get back to you.

PAVLICH:  No problem.

HANNITY:  Apparently — apparently, the president’s talking about the 
debate. Let’s dip in and see what he says.

TRUMP:  — accountable for his 47 years of lies, 47 years of betrayal, and 
47 years of failure. 

I held Joe accountable for shipping your jobs anddreams abroad, and for 
bowing to the violent mob at home. Can you imagine these people the way 
they take over these Democrat cities? I don’t even believe it.

The whole nation saw the truth. Did you see lastnight? Name one, I said, 
Sleepy Joe, name one law enforcement group that supports you, and then 
Chris Wallace says, don’t do that, that’s not — can you believe this guy, 
I was debating two people last night.


I was debating two people last night. 

Joe Biden is too weak to lead this country. You know, Biden lost badly when 
his supporters are saying he should cancel the rest of the debates. Now, I 
understand he’s cancelling the debates, let’s see what happens. I think 
that’s not going to be a good move.


I don’t think that’s going to be a good move. Television with those 
ratings, they’re never going to let him cancel, you don’t know television 
like that. What are they going to do?

You know, someday we’re not going to be doing this anymore. What are they 
going to do without Trump? What are they going todo? Those poor people. 

Look at all of them — whoa, that’s a lot of people. What are they going to 
do? What are they going to do when in eight, 12, maybe 16 years, I said, 
let’s hang it up, let’s hang it up.

Sixteen more years.


But what he’s doing is what you do when you lose. So let’s see what he 
does, I don’t think he’s going to get out.

And I’ve got news for Joe — if you ever became president you have to deal 
with some of the toughest people in the world andChris Wallace is very, 
very easy by comparison, I will tell you. I know `em all, I know `em all. 

Liberal media is upset that I took the fight to Biden and exposed his very 
dangerous agenda. 

Oh, there’s a beauty. Here we go. Here we go. There’s another beauty out 
there. Go home to mom, go home. Go home.

These are the same media outlets cheering violent demonstrations in the 
streets. CNN, “The New York Times”, they think rioting is just okay, just 
do whatever you want.


You can do whatever you want, you don’t have towear a mask, you just riot, 
25,000 people standing on each other’s face, do whatever you want.

Can you go to church? No. Can you go torestaurants? No. Can you do 
anything? No.

But you can riot, that’s okay. Arson’s okay, but challenging Sleepy Joe is 
totally off limits.

So disappointed in Fox, I’m not just running against Joe Biden. I’m running 
against the corrupt far left media socialists andcommunists in the 
Democrat Party, and the special interests who’ve made a living bleeding our 
country dry, and that’s what’s happened for too long.

We’ve turned it around. But don’t forget, when they turned it around, I had 
to fight other things like a fake impeachment, I had to fight a lot of 
things that are not like that wasn’t in the agenda. 

Never forget and we fought it very well and frankly we had great support 
from the Republican Party except for one person, but that’s all right. We 
had great support. 

Never forget, they are coming after me because Iam fighting for you and 
that’s true.


And this is a choice election. Our opponents put America last, I put 
America first and that’s what I’ve been doing forthree and a half years.


Our opponents want to erase borders. I will defend our borders. You see 
what’s going on in the southern border. And, by theway, that wall, 350 
miles already, got to be finished very soon.

They don’t talk about the wall anymore, fellas. What’s going on? They don’t 
talk about it. They used to talk about it every day. He’s not going to get 
his financing.

But when you’re a real estate developer, you always get financing. This was 
— this was like easy. He’s not going to get his financing. Then we got our 

They don’t talk about it anymore. We’re up to 300 — almost 360 miles, 
we’re doing about miles a week and — and yeah, Mexico is paying for it. 
You do know that, right? 

They keep saying, there’s going to be a border charge at the border for the 
trucks and cars and it won’t even have to be a lot. There’s so many cars 
and trucks going through, but Mexico is paying forit.

And they’ve been great. They have 27,000 soldiers right now on our border 
and we appreciate it. We appreciate the president of Mexico.

Our opponents will send your jobs to China. I will keep your jobs in 
America. Our opponents want to erase our nation’s core values, and I want 
to defend president —  

HANNITY:  All right. We’re going to keep dipping in and out. We have a lot 
of news we got to get to, including Comey’s testimony.

Katie, I did not mean to interrupt you. I asked thequestion and 
immediately interrupted you.

PAVLICH:  No worries.

HANNITY:  I humbly apologize.

PAVLICH:  That’s okay, no worries. 

Sean, you were asking about whether Americans will be voting for Joe Biden, 
you called a phony record and a phony platform that he’s presenting. Look, 
the bottom line is that President Trump, you might not like all the answers 
that he gives, but at least he’s answering all of thequestions. 

Joe Biden is refusing to answer questions about very serious topics that 
impact the country for generations to come — court packing, the Green New 
Deal. He’s completely abandoned the left when it’s convenient like in the 
debate last night, but then today, of course, you see him trying to placate 
them so you can bring them back into the party andhopefully vote for him 
in November.

He keeps changing his tune on make things in America. He sounds a lot like 
President Trump, when for years he voted for things like NAFTA, admitted 
President Trump’s USMCA is better but yet hasn’t actually put a real plan 
on the table to bring manufacturing back to theUnited States. And, in 
fact, just on the opposite, by proposing higher taxes, and more 
environmental regulations for businesses. 

And so, I think Americans are smart enough to see through the rhetoric, 
even during a raucous debate, and they will make decisions based on results 
and experience they think will help their families in the future. 

HANNITY:  You know, Dan Bongino, the presidentjust saying rioting is okay, 
but interrupting Joe or words offend the liberal media, and they are coming 
after me because I’m fighting for you, he said. 

DAN BONGINO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR:  Yeah. Imean, listen, Trump is — you 
know, he’s a shark in the ocean as I said last night. 

You know, I want to make the point here. This reminds me a lot of 2016. I’m 
not sure the liberal media chatterbox class has any idea the damage Trump 
did last night to Joe Biden. 

I mean, is anything about Donald Trump last night surprising, that he goes 
on the attack, that he is tough, that there’s some bravado there? What’s 
shocking there? You knew that about Trump before you went in.

Well, what’s the problem with Biden? 

Sean, one of the most damaging political narratives in politics, right, the 
ones that change your pre-existing notions of who acandidate was, right? I 
mean, everybody knows that, that’s why you can’t touch Donald Trump last 

But what he did to Biden is he surgically detached him from the left. Well, 
that’s a real problem because Biden needs the left toturn out because the 
Democratic Party has become increasingly liberal. 

Sean, Trump did a calculated thing last night. There’s a reason he brought 
up that term “predator” in relationship with Biden’s use of it many times. 
There’s a reason Trump kept bringing up Bernie Sanders and got Biden to 
say, oh, I beat him handily. 

There’s a reason Trump said multiple times, you’ve lost the left. It was to 
alienate him from that leftist base, and I think he did a damn good job, 
and I think the 2016 debates, when everybody said, oh, Hillary did such a 
good job and Trump routed her on election day, Ithink they are missing it 

HANNITY:  All right. Real quick, is Dan right? I wantto ask Erin and 
Katie, because like your analysis a lot. 

Erin, is Dan right? 

PERRINE:  Oh, I absolutely agree with Dan on this. President Trump is set 
to win again and he did an absolutely masterful job in the debates last 
night, pushing Joe Biden, making sure that, you know what, people have come 
after President Trump and his family every single day and he was not going 
to let Joe Biden try and say anything wrong about what he has done as 
president of the United States. 

So he pushed him. He challenged him and thepresident was right. Joe Biden, 
he lost the left last night as he tried to scramble tothe middle, and 
today, he tried to scramble back.

And Dan is very correct on this. The president is on his way to win again 
like he did in 2016 and the mainstream media is fogged with Trump 
derangement syndrome, they’re just not seeing it.

HANNITY:  His feigned outrage of the media and theleft uh at this point 
does it matter at all, Katie?

PAVLICH:  I think it matters because they their job is to be fair and to be 
accurate and to present real facts to the American people, which is clearly 
not happening and they don’t admit that they are biased on the left. They 
try to present themselves as objective whenanybody watching can understand 
that they absolutely are not.

But you ask the question about whether we agree with Dan Bongino’s 
analysis. I think that’s absolutely correct, because thepresident has 
exposed Joe Biden again as someone who will cater to an audience depending 
on who they are. He’s not an honest person whenpeople are looking for 
authenticity, that’s how President Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

And the other thing is Joe Biden was also exposed for not being the nice 
guy that everyone in the media has been saying he is for the past two 

HANNITY:  He looked kind of cranky last night.

PAVLICH:  He exposed him as someone who has atemper and who isn’t as 
presidential as maybe they’ve been presenting him as.

HANNITY:  It looks like it was past his nappy time.

All right. Thank you all.

Let’s dip back into the president talking about theNew Green Deal and the 
Supreme Court.

TRUMP:  — by the wife of the former mayor of Moscow, and they talk about 
me with Russia. I have nothing to do with Russia, and he took out $1.5 
billion from China. He manages, makes millions of dollars a year, right? 
Then he got $183 — right, $183,000 a month. 

Would anybody like that job?

You don’t have a job, you’re not employed, you get thrown out of the 
military for unfortunate reasons, your father becomes vice president and 
you get hired for $183,000 a month, with I think $3 million upfront 
payment. I think they could have him for less.

Would anybody take that job and he knows nothing about energy, what do you 
know about energy? Well, that’s not my thing, no, that’s okay.

I mean, could you imagine if I did it? 

How about when Sleepy Joe said, you’re not getting the $1 billion unless 
you get rid of the prosecutor, when you get rid of the prosecutor, we’ll 
send you the money? They got rid of the prosecutor, he said, now the money 
comes. I mean, can you imagine if I said that? Unbelievable.

And the press doesn’t want to talk about it, andChris Wallace said, well, 
we don’t want to discuss that. Oh really, Chris? 

It’s so sad. I’ll tell you, it’s so hypocritical, so sad. This is a matter 
of national security and economic security. 

The Bidens got rich while American workers got robbed. How can you deal 
with China if you take out $3.5 billion and make all sorts of money? How 
can you do it? 

A critical issue in this election, you saw what I did with China. Billions 
and billions a year they pay us, I gave a lot of it tothe farmers, $28 


A critical issue because they were targeted by China. A critical issue in 
this election is the future of the Minnesota Iron Range.


That’s why I’m here. 

This was just supposed to be a little get-together and then they said, sir, 
we got thousands of people want to show up, Idon’t know. I don’t know how 
many are involved, and this was supposed to be anIron Range get-together. 
But it turns out big.

You know, Biden has 20, 30 people. They’ve got those circles. 

Today, he had a little bit more like 30 or 40, but they were too close 
together, I sent him a note to Joe.


They were too close, 30, 40 people right next toeach other. And yet he 
complained about our rally, right? Our rallies. 

Now, it’s an honor that so many people showed up because this was going to 
be a little quickie just to say congratulationsbecause Obama closed the 
Iron Range and I opened it and a man —  


A man came up to me, a tough man, a man who — aworker, a construction 
worker, real worker, and he looked at me. This is two years ago. He said, 
sir, you’ve given us back our life and he was crying.

And I said, when was the last time you cried, he said, I can’t remember. I 
said, you never cried, when you were a little baby, you never cried. 

This is not a crier. This guy was tough as hell. He said, sir, he took our 
life away —  

HANNITY:  All right. When the president gets back to more of the issues in 
the debate last night and Joe Biden and theSupreme Court, we’ll go to 

But we have important news tonight on Mr. Super Patriot himself, Mr. Higher 
Honor, Jim Comey. Today, he appeared in front of the Senate Judiciary 
Committee earlier today. He doubled down on thedeep state and their lies 
about the Steele dossier, actually trying to claim he was hardly even 
involved in the Russia investigation at all, he signed three of the four 
FISA warrants which were based on the dirty Russian dossier that we now 
know Christopher Steele used, a Russian operative that the FBI had known 
about for 10 years.

Here’s some of his garbage from earlier today. 


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC):  How is it possible that the system gathers so 
much exculpatory information, this Internet rumor according to CIA, that 
the actual interview of the sub-source disavows thereliability document, 
that the actual sub-source was an suspected Russian spy? How could all that 
happen and not get up to you, the director of theFBI, of one of the most 
important investigations in the history of the FBI? How is that possible?

JIM COMEY, FORMER FBI DIRECTOR:  I can only speculate because it didn’t.

SEN. MIKE LEE (R-UT):  Mr. Comey, with all due respect, you don’t seem to 
know anything about an investigation that you ran.

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX):  This investigation of thepresident was corrupt. The 
FBI and the Department of Justice were politicized and weaponized, and in 
my opinion, there are only two possibilities. That you were deliberately 
corrupt or woefully incompetent, and I don’t believe you were incompetent.


HANNITY:  I agree with Senator Cruz.

Now, even worse is Comey’s apparent selective amnesia all throughout 
today’s questioning, because the disgraced FBI director repeatedly claimed 
he couldn’t remember any specifics about Crossfire Hurricane or the dirty 
dossier or the FISA process at all.

Now, for example, Comey couldn’t say whether thedossier was essential to 
getting the warrant to spy on Carter Page and thepresident, despite Comey 
himself, he signed three of those FISA applications. Now, the word at the 
top of a FISA application is “verified”, right at thetop. He signed three 
of the four. He put his signatures on something that he said and he 
testified to was verified before court.

And, by the way, Comey couldn’t even say if he wasbriefed at all about the 
red flags as it relates to Steele’s work with his primary sub-source, known 
to the FBI for over a decade as a Russian connected spy. And he said he 
didn’t know whether page was a source for the CIA.

And despite undeniable evidence to the contrary, he couldn’t answer even 
the most basic questions about whether FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith altered 
evidence which Clinesmith already pled guilty to, and he couldn’t even say 
who prepared the applications to begin with.

He doesn’t even remember being briefed about by Bruce Ohr. He doesn’t 
remember anything in terms of the interviews about the sub-source. Well 
that happened in January of 2017. 

There’s a whole small sample of Mr. Higher Honor, let’s say, going low. 
Take a look.


GRAHAM:  In October, when the warrant wassubmitted, the application was 
submitted, what effort had been made to verify thedossier in October?

COMEY:  I don’t know specifically.

GRAHAM:  So, in October, it’s clear Mr. Comey, there was no effort to 
verify the dossier before it was given to the court. Do you agree with 

COMEY:  I don’t know the answer. I don’t remember learning anything 
additional about Steele sources. Not that I recall, no. I don’t remember 
Bruce Ohr ever briefing me. 

GRAHAM:  Were you aware that in December 2016, the CIA tells the FBI, they 
characterized the dossier as Internet rumor?

COMEY:  I don’t recall being informed of that.


HANNITY:  By the way, we’re about to cross-check every other past statement 
Mr. Comey’s ever made. And does Comey actually expect anybody to believe 
that the biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal happened inside his FBI 
and he knew nothing about this the entire time, but he remembered every 
single second that he ever spent as it relates toDonald Trump, that he was 
the guy that pushed — let’s see the dirty dossier? You know, the now 
infamous intelligence community assessment that was released in early 2017, 
and Comey who was the one that — who briefed President Trump, that it was 
salacious and unverified even though in October, months earlier, he claimed 
and signed a document that said it was verified?

So, let’s be clear — nothing he said today exonerates him and, by the way, 
just like Rod Rosenstein and Sally Yates, knowing what they now know now, 
they wouldn’t have signed the FISA warrant — well, Jim Comey today said 
well knowing what I know now I wouldn’t have signed the three FISA 

And, by the way, that’s not all because tonight, we’re even learning more 
about the extent of the deep state’s cover-up because according to a new 
declassification from the director of national intelligence, John 
Ratcliffe, at the request of Lindsey Graham, Barack Obama himself was 
briefed by then-CIA Director Brennan about aRussian intelligence analysis 
claiming that Hillary Clinton was drumming up theRussia collusion hoax in 
an attempt to vilify then candidate Trump to distract from, let’s see, 
those subpoenaed emails she was deleting in theuse of Bleach Bit and the 
use of hammers and the removal of SIM cards.

Now, the deep state is taking any responsibility. They’re going to take it 
for that misconduct, or they’re doing the opposite.

Just look at, for example, Mueller pit bull Andrew Weissmann telling CBS 
that he wiped phones from the special counsel’s office — a big deal 
because everything was backed up. Really, Andrew?

Well, why were all the phones — well, put in there in the first place?

Anyway, also tonight, some Democrats are still playing petty politics by 
refusing to meet with Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, 
including Chucky Schumer as she’s meeting with thedecent senators on 
Capitol Hill. And, by the way, hearings are set tostart October 12th, 
putting the confirmation vote at the end of themonth, and there’s not 
really anything Democrats can do to stop it.

Here with the reaction, Senator Lindsey Graham. He’s with the Senate 
Judiciary Committee.

So, now, you have Sally Yates, Rod Rosenstein andJim Comey, who remembers 
nothing about the FISA application, the dossier, thesub-source, but he 
remembers every second with Donald Trump. 

Do you believe him? Because I do not.

GRAHAM:  All I can say is he has a convenient memory. He remembers what is 
damning to Trump and when something is helpful toTrump, it’s like Sergeant 
Schultz was in charge of the FBI. I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know 

It’s hard to believe that the director of the FBI in charge of a 
investigation of a sitting president wasn’t told, oh by the way, the sub-
source who prepared the dossier we think is aRussian agent back to 2009, 
it’s hard to believe they didn’t tell the director of theFBI, the sub-
source tells us that the dossier is bar talk, notreliable, take it with a 
grain of salt. 

It’s hard to believe that they don’t tell the FBI director the CIA has 
warned us that the dossier prepared by Christopher Steele and a suspected 
Russian spy is all Internet rumor.

So here’s Comey’s problem — if one person can come forward and say, I 
brief the director about the problems with the sub-source, I told the 
director that the CIA was worried about thereliability of the dossier, 
then he is in big time trouble.

HANNITY:  OK, do you believe him, that he signed something where he claims 
it’s verified and that he had no idea that if it wasverified. Wouldn’t 
that be a dereliction of duty, doesn’t that mean he still committed fraud 
on the court? And when he did find out the truth, doesn’t the law require 
that he go back to that court and inform that court he signed something 
that wasn’t verified?

GRAHAM:  Yeah, he’s yet to tell the court Iapologize.

But what he said today was pretty stunning. Thedirector of the FBI, in 
charge of one of the most high profile investigations in the history the 
FBI said, if he knew then what he knows now, he would not sign the warrant 
application against Carter Page.

This is a big day for Carter Page. I think he’s going tobecome a rich man. 
He deserves to be compensated. 

So what happened here is that the Democratic Party hired a foreign agent, 
Christopher Steele, who enlisted a suspected Russian spy to create a 
dossier that was a bunch of garbage Russian disinformation and the FBI 
bought it hook, line and sinker, used it four times against an American 
citizen, a Trump campaign person to get a warrant. If that doesn’t bother 
America, then something’s wrong.

To my Democratic colleagues, if the shoe were on the other foot, you’d be 
burning the place down. So, the day of reckoning is here.

HANNITY:  I want every single person that told — that warned about that 
dossier —  

GRAHAM:  Right —  

HANNITY:  — to now say, what did they tell Comey, when did they tell 
Comey? I think you need to cross check —  

GRAHAM:  Exactly.

HANNITY:  — everything Comey has said prior. Iwould expect you’ll see 

I got to get back to the rally. Senator Lindsey Graham, what will be the 
date of the vote for Amy Coney Barrett?

GRAHAM:  We’re going to report her out of thecommittee on October the 
22nd. The Democrats are going crazy raising money against the president, 
myself,  they’re loading me up because I’m chairman of 
the Judiciary Committee. 

HANNITY:  When will the vote be?

GRAHAM:  Trying to get to the bottom of what happened with a Russian 
conclusion and get Amy Barrett through. We need your help.

HANNITY:  All right. Let’s go back to the president in Minnesota tonight. 
He’s talking about — 

TRUMP:  These were the idiots on election night four years ago. He will not 
do, this will be a very short night for Donald Trump at the time. This will 
be a very short. 

Then at the end, they said he did really well with women, it was sort of 

Anyway, we did well with everybody actually, andwe’re going to do even 
better now.

We have more enthusiasm — look at this crowd, this was supposed to be a 
few people.


This was supposed to be — this was supposed to be just a little 
celebration. I said, oh good, a little celebration. Ifigured a couple of 
hundred people like Sleepy Joe gets in his best day. 


I said, how many people? About 10,000, sir. I said, oh, that’s great.


In just three and a half years, we’ve secured America’s border, rebuilt 
awesome power of the U.S. military, obliterated theISIS caliphate, fixed 
our disastrous trade deals and they were a disaster, and brought jobs back 
home to America and back home to Minnesota. We brought a lot of jobs back. 

Last year, before the plague came in from China, you had the best year 
you’ve ever had. The year before that, you had thebest year you’ve ever 
had until the following year, and we’re doing itagain. We’re building it 
up rapidly.

China came up. They gave us the plague. It’s no good. We’re never going to 
forget that. 

I did a trade deal, the ink wasn’t even dry, and they let that happen. 
We’re never going to forget it.

We built the greatest economy in the history of theworld and now we are 
quickly doing it again. We’ve added a historic 10.6 million jobs in the 
last four months. That’s a record the likes of which has never even been 
close to being challenged.


To fight the China virus, we launched the largest national mobilization 
since World War II. We pioneered life-saving therapies, reducing the 
fatality rate 85 percent since April, think of that. Meaning you go to the 
hospital and you got a lot better chance.

I’ll tell you what? I spoke to a gentleman today from Pfizer. I speak to 
all of these guys. These are great people, and they’re coming up with 
things that are phenomenal. Regeneron, we are coming up with things that 
are phenomenal, including therapeutics, with therapies. 

It’s incredible what’s happening. You’ll be seeing it — you’ll be seeing 
it very — and by the way, with Biden, it would have been years before you 
came up with any of this stuff, years. It would have been years.

HANNITY:  We have other news tonight that we’ve got to get in here. We’ll 
go back to the rally in a minute.

Another vote by mail debacle now brewing in New York. New York’s Governor 
Cuomo now reportedly pushing back against thestate’s plan to send new 
ballots to voters after nearly 100,000 absentee ballots were sent to them 
in mismarked envelopes. We reached out to thegovernor of New York’s office 
for comment, we haven’t heard back.

And in another shocking story, “The Philadelphia Inquirer” is reporting 
tonight that a laptop and several memory sticks that were used to program 
Philadelphia’s voting machines were now stolen.

Here now with more reaction, former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

You know, we got these lawsuits going on. What ashocker. In all the swing 
states, just so — all those swing states —  


HANNITY:  Well, how do we — I mean, does this now the only answer is the 
courts to fight that they can’t have these last minute rule changes that — 
oh, we’ll count your ballot days after Election Day?

GIULIANI:  Sean, the first time I ran for mayor in New York, I asked one of 
my political advisers, how many votes do I have towin by to overcome the 
Democrat cheating? He told me 50,000. I have towin by 50,000 votes in 
order to overcome it.

And then the second time, we cut down the voter fraud. I had to win by 
30,000, in order to overcome it. They — they vote dead people, and I lost 
all the votes of dead people, couldn’t get a single dead person to vote 

I mean, it’s amazing. These guys have been cheating for years. Philadelphia 
is notorious for cheating, and they hold the vote back to figure out how 
they can balance the vote in the middle of the state.

New York City is disgraceful. I mean, you know, how many dead people are in 
those books? This idea “The New York Times” has that there’s no voter 
fraud, I mean, that’s a fraud. “The New York Times” knows better than any 
place else. In fact, they used to talk about how dangerous mail voting was, 
mail in ballots were, how prone they were to fraud and tampering.

Now, all of a sudden, mail is great. I mean, this is ridiculous, a hundred 
thousand ballots? A hundred thousand. 

They have — we found ballots with Trump’s name on it, military ballots 
thrown in the garbage, already? I mean, this is not — this is very 
serious, Sean, and I talked to the president about this.


HANNITY:  Are you — does the president have —  

GIULIANI:  You really have to have a major legal effort.

HANNITY:  Does the president have his legal team? Biden has 600 lawyers 
apparently. Hillary’s saying under no circumstances should Biden concede.

We have less than a minute, sir. 

GIULIANI:  Yeah, and where — not going to accept the results of the 
election and she told them not to concede? Supposed Trump wins by 10 
percent — 

HANNITY:  Under any circumstances.

GIUALINI:  Well, that means she — that means they’re trying to fix the 
election, and they’re blaming it on Trump. She’s theone who started that 

Look, we got plenty of lawyers. We outlawyered them before. We can 
outlawyer them again. They’re a bunch of bullies anyway.

And, boy, that debate last night, Trump first, Wallace second, Biden is 
still trying to catch up. I mean he was hardly in thedebate, coherently.

HANNITY:  Oh, jeez.


GIULIANI:  Come on.

HANNITY:  All right. Mr. Mayor, good to see you. Thank you.

All right. When we come back, all day you’ve beenhearing the president 
won’t condemn Klansmen and racists, OK, we can prove otherwise. We’ll get 
to that, back to the presence rally and much more, straight ahead. 


HANNITY:  We’re following the president’s rally in Minnesota tonight. But 
after repeatedly claiming the president refused todenounce white supremacy 
— OK, let’s look at the videotape as my good friend Warner Wolf would say, 
let’s go to the videotape, the left doesn’t want you to see. 


BIDEN:  Have you ever heard the president say one negative thing about 
white supremacists? Have you ever heard it? 

TRUMP:  I totally disavow the Ku Klux Klan. I totally disavow David Duke. 

BIDEN:  I got back in the race because of what happened in Charlottesville. 
People coming out of the woods, carrying torches, their veins bulging. 
Close your eyes and remember what you saw.

And a young woman gets killed resisting hate andviolence, and the 
president gets asked to comment and what does he say? He says they’re very 
fine people on both sides. 

TRUMP:  And you have some very bad people in that group. But you also had 
people that were very fine people come on both sides. I’m not talking about 
the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned 

BIDEN:  He wouldn’t even condemn David Duke, forGod’s sake. 

TRUMP:  I reject David Duke, rejected David Duke. Irejected the KKK, the 
Ku Klux Klan from the time I’m five years old, I’ve rejected them. 


HANNITY:  Joe Biden has been lying all day about this, the mob and the 
media lying all day. 

Syndicated radio talk show host, Larry Elder, former NFL player, Herschel 

Herschel, your take? You know, you know, they just lie. They just repeat 
the lie, lie again, doesn’t matter. Here’s the tape, they’re lying. 

HERSCHEL WALKER, FORMER NFL PLAYER:  Well, they’re trying to play and 
record (ph) in that day, you know, and racism is theace of spades they 
think. But I hate to tell them, it’s not. But look at — look at Herschel 
Walker. Donald Trump is not a racist.

And, you know, think about this. In a Democratic debate, he had his own 
running mate, they almost called him a racist. So, now, she’s running on 
his ticket, so think about that. 


All right. Larry, you were laughing. I mean, I can — there is more tape if 
you want me to keep going, I can — you know, he said it many more times 
but I guess they don’t — I guess they have selective amnesia like Joe, or 
like Comey rather.

got a documentary called Uncle Tom which, by theway, debuted yesterday on 
iTunes and its number one, and I address this nonsense that Donald Trump is 
a racist in the documentary. 

And forget about Elder, you have two folks over at CNN, Jake Tapper and 
Michael Smerconish, both of whom said after Donald Trump made the comment 
and after they were wrong, they later on looked at itand said that we were 
wrong, Donald Trump was not referring to neo-Nazis, white nationalists, he 
was referring to the very fine people on both sides of the debate as to 
whether or not they should a Confederate monument in the public square. 

And, finally, this whole notion, Sean, that Donald Trump ran sending dog 
whistles to racists, there is a former host on MSNBC, Chris Matthews who 
once said, he was a campaign manager for Tip O’Neill, he was his press 
secretary, he wrote a book called “Hardball” about campaigns. He said, 
white people will not vote for somebody if they thought they were racist. 

Why would it be in Donald Trump’s best interest if they were received as a 
racist when Chris Matthews says anybody white would not pull a lever for 
somebody who is a racist?

HANNITY:  All right.

SALEM:  So, the whole thing is B.S. It’s unfair. He never said it.

And if Donald Trump is such a racist, Sean, why did he have to lie about 
exhibit A? They ought to be easy to find things that Donald Trump has said 
that racist. Why do you have to lie about it? 

HANNITY:  Let me go back to the president. He’s talking about 
manufacturing. Obviously, this impacts the Midwest in a big way. 

Let’s go back to Minnesota.

TRUMP:  — citizens, and we will keep out, we will keep people out of our 
country – 


Thank you. 

We will keep out of these ridiculous, endless wars and countries that 
you’ve never heard of and you never will hear of, it’s ridiculous and we’re 
bringing them all home. You see that.

We will maintain America’s unrivaled military might and we will ensure 
peace through strength, that’s what we have. 


Ridiculous. We are all over the world. We’re in places nobody ever heard of 

We will end surprise medical billing, required price transparency. I’ve 
already signed it. Can you believe it? It kicks on January 1st.

Can you imagine if this clown gets in, and they’ll say, you’ve got price 
transparency, what’s that? That will have such animpact. It kicks in. I 
said to my people, you think you could’ve kicked itin a little bit 

I’d further reduce health insurance premiums andthe cost of prescription 
drugs which we’re going to bringing down massively because of favored 


We will strongly protect Medicare and Social Security and we will always 
protect those incredible people, as I said with pre-existing conditions. 

America will land the first woman on the moon andthe United States will be 
the first nation to land an astronaut on Mars, and itwill be soon. 


You’ll have to see — NASA has become again thegreatest space center in 
the world. You had to see what it looked like when Itook over, it was 

We will stop the radical indoctrination of our students and restore 
patriotic education to our students. Right?


We will teach our children to love our country, honor our history, and 
always respect our great American flag.


And we will live by the timeless words of our national motto, in God we 


For years, you had a president who apologized forAmerica. Now you have a 
president who is standing up for America andstanding up for the great 
people of Minnesota, thank you. 

But if we don’t win, I’m never telling you great again. 

So, get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors and get your 
coworkers and get out and vote, we got to win. We got to win.


Early voting has already begun, don’t wait. Please, go out and vote. 

Did you see in New York today? A hundred thousand fraudulent ballots. They 
sent out 100,000 ballots, wrong names, wrong addresses, wrong envelopes, 
other than that, they did quite well. Think of it, 100,000.

So, you know what their solution? That’s okay, we’ll send out another 
hundred thousand, I said, really? What’s going tohappen to the first 
100,000, who’s going to vote them? 

This is crazy what’s going on. This is crazy.

From St. Paul to St. Cloud, from Minneapolis toMinnetonka, and from 
Rochester to right here in Duluth — I like Duluth.


This great state was pioneered by men and women who braved the wilderness 
and the winters to build a better life for themselves and for their 
families, they were truly brave, brilliant, incredible people. They were 
tough and they were strong. 

They didn’t have a lot of money. They didn’t have alot of luxury. But they 
had grit, they had faith, and they had each other. 

HANNITY:  All right. That’s the president live in Duluth, Minnesota, 
tonight, but unfortunately, that’s all the time we have left. 

Now, we hope you’ll set your DVR so you never miss an episode. 

A programming announcement: tune in tomorrow night, the president, Donald 
J. Trump, will be joining us for an exclusive interview post-debate right 
here, “Hannity”, 9:00 Eastern. Set your DVR. Never miss an episode.

That is all the time we have left this evening. But let not your heart be 
troubled, she’s standing by, fired up, ready go. 

Laura Ingraham takes it away. 

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