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Wednesday: Dooner and The Dude sit down with two women who are leading their companies through the e-commerce boom.

Friday: How do circular economies play into sustainability? We find out on this episode of WTT?!?

Midday Market Update

Tuesday: Learn how imports and retail sales are continuing to support intense freight activity. 

Thursday: Kevin Hill and Michael Vincent give an update on the state of maritime freight ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday.

Great Quarter, Guys

Tuesday: Andrew Cox and Seth Holm explore the impacts of container shipping issues through Peloton’s experience.


Wednesday: Anthony Smith and Zach Strickland lay out what it will take to loosen the stranglehold on America’s ports.


Wednesday: Find out why Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor are saying “We told you so!” about the direction of the freight market.

Long-Haul Crime Log

Wednesday: On this episode of Long-Haul Crime Log, we tell the harrowing story of the Kingman Arizona State Prison break and the truckers who became hostages. Plus, the deadly business of fuel smuggling in Mexico.

Supply Chain Spotlight

Thursday: On this episode, J.T. Engstrom, chief strategy officer at FreightWaves, talks with Bill Billiter, co-founder and CEO of ACERTUS.

Navigate B2B

Friday: Steve Ferreira makes his case for why ocean freight logistics managers should be paid more for their skills.

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