NOAA-NWS-ALERTS-MO125D10141B10.FloodWarning.125D10166500MO.OAXFLSOAX.293a3d1ad1fe35da5c664339759038b1 2019-09-10T20:16:00-05:00 Actual Alert Public Alert for Holt (Missouri) Issued by the National Weather Service Met Flood Warning Expected Moderate Likely SAME FLW 2019-09-10T20:16:00-05:00 2019-09-11T11:16:00-05:00 NWS Omaha (Eastern Nebraska and Southeastern Iowa – Omaha Valley) Flood Warning issued September 10 at 8:16PM CDT until further notice by NWS Omaha …The Flood Warning continues for… Missouri River At Nebraska City affecting Fremont and Otoe Counties. Missouri River At Brownville affecting Atchison and Nemaha Counties. Missouri River At Rulo affecting Holt and Richardson Counties. The Flood Warning continues for The Missouri River At Rulo. * At 8:00 PM Tuesday the stage was 18.7 feet…or 1.7 feet above flood stage. * Flood stage is 17.0 feet. * Minor flooding is occurring and Minor flooding is forecast. * Forecast…The river will continue rising to near 19.0 feet by tomorrow evening then begin falling. && Do not drive cars through areas where water covers the road. The water depth may be too great to allow your vehicle to pass safely. Turn around…don`t drown! Additional information is available at: WMOHEADER UGC MOC087-NEC147 VTEC /O.CON.KOAX.FL.W.0005.000000T0000Z-000000T0000Z/ /RULN1.2.ER.000000T0000Z.190530T0245Z.000000T0000Z.NO/ TIME…MOT…LOC

Holt 40.26,-95.63 40.26,-95.44 39.91,-95.01 39.82,-95.03 39.97,-95.36 40.26,-95.63 FIPS6 029087 UGC MOC087


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