NOAA-NWS-ALERTS-AR125F350BD58C.FloodWarning.125F3584D1D0AR.MEGFLSMEG.97db49a91e7645165e59212811951b9d 2020-01-21T10:11:00-06:00 Actual Alert Public Alert for Mississippi (Arkansas) Issued by the National Weather Service Met Flood Warning Expected Moderate Likely SAME FLW 2020-01-21T10:11:00-06:00 2020-01-29T03:00:00-06:00 NWS Memphis (Western Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas and Northern Mississippi) Flood Warning issued January 21 at 10:11AM CST until January 29 at 3:00AM CST by NWS Memphis The Flood Warning continues for the Mississippi River. The Flood Warning continues for the Mississippi River at Osceola * until Tuesday, January 28. * At 9 AM Tuesday the stage was 32.9 feet. * Moderate flooding is occurring. * Flood stage is 28.0 feet. * The river will remain nearly steady through Wednesday, then begin a steady fall. * At 33.0 feet…In Tennessee, settlement on Crawford Road East north of Fort Pillow is beginning to flood. Jack Rabbit Road is flooded. West leg of Crutcher Lake Road is flooding and stopping evacuations. Most homesteads along Cold Creek Road are flooded. In Arkansas, Highway 120 is beginning to flood. && A followup Flood Statement will be issued this evening or sooner if conditions warrant. For graphical river and flood information…please go to and click near Memphis on the map, then select Rivers and Lakes. Do not drive through flooded areas…turn around don`t drown. Stay tuned to your weather radio and your local news media for the latest river information. WMOHEADER UGC ARC093-TNC097-167 VTEC /O.EXT.KMEG.FL.W.0017.000000T0000Z-200129T0900Z/ /OSGA4.2.ER.200112T0845Z.200120T0600Z.200128T0900Z.NO/ TIME…MOT…LOC

Mississippi 35.82,-89.96 35.82,-89.56 35.6,-89.79 35.39,-89.95 35.39,-90.25 35.82,-89.96 FIPS6 005093 UGC ARC093


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