NOAA-NWS-ALERTS-AK125F6AFDB73C.FloodAdvisory.125F6B09FDD0AK.AJKFLSAJK.fc3b094cab2e850d61ffb073339134eb 2020-10-26T12:55:00-08:00 Actual Alert Public Alert for Cape Decision to Salisbury Sound Coastal Area (Alaska) Issued by the National Weather Service Met Flood Advisory Expected Minor Likely SAME 2020-10-26T02:56:00-08:00 2020-10-26T17:00:00-08:00 NWS Juneau (Juneau and surrounding areas) Flood Advisory issued October 26 at 12:55PM AKDT by NWS Juneau …THE FLOOD ADVISORY FOR RAPID RISES WILL EXPIRE AT 100 PM AKDT MONDAY FOR SITKA AREA IN THE CENTRAL OUTER COAST… The high water is receding, and is no longer expected to pose a threat. Please continue to heed any road closures. The Indian River crested at 26.3 ft at 745 am Monday and dropped to 23 ft as of 1 pm. Minor flood is 25.2 ft. WMOHEADER UGC AKZ023 VTEC /O.EXP.PAJK.FA.Y.0010.000000T0000Z-201026T2100Z/ /00000.N.ER.000000T0000Z.000000T0000Z.000000T0000Z.OO/ TIME…MOT…LOC

Cape Decision to Salisbury Sound Coastal Area 56.96,-135.18 57,-135.37 57.09,-135.42 57.15,-135.43 57.19,-135.37 57.21,-135.31 56.94,-135.02 56.96,-135.18 FIPS6 002220 UGC AKZ023


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