NOAA-NWS-ALERTS-AK125F759A2C84.AirQualityAlert.125F75A96F8CAK.AFGAQAAFG.0cea83c5a2b9072803849fb841d40c82 2020-12-04T14:13:00-09:00 Actual Alert Public Alert for Middle Tanana Valley (Alaska) Issued by the National Weather Service Met Air Quality Alert Unknown Unknown Unknown SAME 2020-12-04T19:44:00-09:00 2020-12-05T14:15:00-09:00 NWS Fairbanks (Northern Alaska – Fairbanks) Air Quality Alert issued December 04 at 2:13PM AKST by NWS Fairbanks …AIR QUALITY ALERT IN EFFECT FROM 7 PM THIS EVENING TO 11 AM AKST SUNDAY… The Department of Environmental Conservation has issued an Air Quality Alert which is in effect from 7 PM this evening to 11 AM AKST Sunday. North Pole has a Stage 2 alert. Fairbanks has a Stage 1 alert. && For additional information about air quality in the Fairbanks North Star Borough please access the web site at or call 451-2132. WMOHEADER UGC AKZ222 VTEC TIME…MOT…LOC

Middle Tanana Valley FIPS6 002090 FIPS6 002290 UGC AKZ222


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