We just closed our first full week of November. In other words, it’s officially holiday shopping season, as you could maybe tell from our Black Friday deals posts and gift-buying guides. You might just bite the bullet and buy that special someone a new iPhone — this week CNET made the iPhone 11 an Editors’ Choice.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile is dangling all sorts of incentives, like a $15 plan and free broadband for low-income families, so long as it’s able to complete its merger with Sprint. We learned Ring doorbells were leaking Wi-Fi login info. And you can now buy Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 augmented reality headset, if you’ve got $3,500 to spare.

Here are some stories from the week you don’t want to miss:

All it took was courage, science and 14,000 square feet of taffeta.


Courtesy of Günter Wetzel

In over six years of testing tech, this is a first for me.


Chris Monroe/CNET

The dire words are a call to action. “Many of us feel like the time is running out for us to act,” says the co-author.



It’s redesigning the core element of quantum computing, the qubit.

Microsoft's quantum computing team is working on a technology called topological qubits.Microsoft's quantum computing team is working on a technology called topological qubits.


The star of the sequel to The Shining also talks about playing a character battling addiction, a horror he knows all too well.


Warner Bros.

Two Chinese companies blacklisted by the US government over human rights violations have won Innovation Awards over the last two years and are listed to return to CES.



The AR headset is here, but some of its key software tools are still to come. Here’s why it’s so expensive.


James Martin/CNET

Commentary: It doesn’t really matter whether the legendary director of The Irishman likes Captain America, but we should listen to his warnings.


Getty Images

Whether it’s electric vehicles, ride-hailing services, e-scooters or self-driving cars, the last 10 years led to massive changes in the ways we get around.




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