DETROIT (WTSP) — It started with a bad headache. That’s what 5-year-old Skylar Herbert was feeling about a month ago, according to The Detroit News.

But her symptoms quickly got much worse.

Then, her parents – who are both first responders – received unthinkable news.

The local newspaper reports Skylar developed meningoencephalitis. It’s a rare COVID-19 complication that caused her brain to swell.

Over the weekend, her parents were forced to make a devastating decision.

“We decided to take her off the ventilator today because her improvement had stopped, the doctors told us that it was possible she was brain dead, Skylar’s mother LaVondria Herbert told The Detroit News.

“And we basically just knew she wasn’t coming back to us.”

Beamont Health — the hospital where Skylar was being treated — released the following statement to WDIV:

The loss of a child, at any time, under any circumstances, is a tragedy. We are heartbroken that COVID-19 has taken the life of a child. We extend our deepest sympathy to Skylar’s family and all others who have lost a loved one to this virus.

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